• Optimizing back-end semiconductor manufacturing through Industry 4.0

    March 20, 2017

    Can Industry 4.0 tools help back-end semiconductor factories capture elusive gains in productivity, throughput, and quality?

  • Defense outlook 2017: A global survey of defense-industry executives

    Business leaders are growing more optimistic and think they can head off challenges from commercial firms.

  • Turn Business Challenges into a Competitive Advantage

    Organizations in a wide array of industries trust TechWiss to help them stay competitive and deliver superior performance across a variety of complex business processes. TechWiss, works with national and regional governments, city municipalities, quasi-government agencies such as development funds and trade associations as well as government-owned companies to realize their economic and social goals.

  • Digital technologies

    TechWiss can help transform heritage IT to be future-ready by:
    •Simplifying existing IT—Unlocking value by consolidating applications and platforms, simplifying processes and integrating services, enabling you to handle heritage debt and run better on an efficient IT backbone.
    •Modernizing existing IT—Helping you update legacy applications and platforms and transform processes and operating models to roll out your digital business nimbly.
    •Securing IT—Bolstering your resilience against cyber threats and other vulnerabilities by employing threat intelligence, security analytics and private cloud and device security.

  • Bill Wiseman

    Leads Product Development and Advanced Analytics in APAC and serves clients in the integrated device manufacturing, foundry, and capital-equipment manufacturing sectors.

  • More Insights

  • Giancarlo Ghislanzoni

    Counsels clients in the advanced electronics, aerospace and defense, and automotive sectors on their organizational and operational challenges

  • Nick Santhanam

    Specializes in helping high-tech, semiconductor, industrial, and private-equity clients tackle operational and strategic challenges

  • Harald Bauer

    Advises semiconductor and high-tech clients on matters of strategy, operations, and performance transformation

  • André Andonian

    Leads our work in advanced industries globally, serving advanced-electronic, semiconductor, automotive, and aerospace and defense clients

  • Philipp Radtke

    February 28, 2017

    Advises automotive manufacturers and suppliers, construction equipment makers, and other industrial producers as they improve global operations, drive performance improvement, and seek growth opportunities.

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